The Evolution of Gambling

The Evolution of Gambling

There are no second thoughts to the opinion that the inception of gambling throughout the world has its roots in the ancient times. In fact, the history of humanity is apparently linked with the history of gambling where the humans involved themselves in different antics related to gambling, in one form or the other. The evolution of gambling has surfaced a remarkable change over the years. Following are the most popular events that throw light on how the concept of gambling has evolved over the times.

The first evidence of gambling

However popular the gambling culture of Las Vegas has become, the inception of gambling still finds its roots in the human history of Ancient China during the ancient Chinese civilization in 2300 BC. The most relevant evidences of the birth of gambling in China speak about the unearthed tiles that were supposed to be used for the rudimentary gambling. This also referred to the lottery type of game which was then enjoyed by the ancient Chinese population. In fact, lotteries also continued to be used for all kinds of civic purposes in the country.

Ancient Rome and the Game of Dice

The first mention of dice was made in the writings of Sophocles in 500 BC and the further evidences claimed that the game of dice was one of the most looked upon act of leisure of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Both these people involved themselves into the love of gambling on all kinds of things. The mere opportunity of gambling would cajole them towards this habit, regardless of the latter becoming a forbidden act in the country. The love of gambling among the Romans vexed them to invent the very first gambling chips in the history of the world. Interestingly, it was also an attempt to save themselves from being caught as when they were nabbed by the guards, they could easily claim that they played only for chips and not for real money.

The introduction of card games in China

According to a number of scholars, the first playing cards were seen in China in the 9th century. However, the proper rules of the games that they would use in order to play these cards is yet to be discovered. The Chinese cards were used in both the game as well as stake, similar to the trading game cards played by the kids today.

Baccarat played in France and Italy

One of the most popular games of the recent times, Baccarat has its roots in Italy and following its popularity, it was soon migrated to France. However, this game of Baccarat isn’t the same game that we get to play today. A number of changes, reincarnations and various other modifications shaped this game up. The rules were altered, and today the game of Baccarat has taken an altogether different face.

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