Realistic Games

Realistic Games

The company describes itself as a group of passionate individuals who have come together to create some high-quality content for all the leading game operators of the world and it is no false to say that the description really fits into the company’s skin.

Realistic Games came into establishment in the year 2002, however, it is only in the recent years that the company has started concentrating on developing and releasing its very own set of games. During the early years of the establishment of the company, all the games were designed by making the use of third-party development platforms. It is in between the year 2005 and 2009, a handful of the games were licensed to the online casinos as well as various sportsbooks such as Bet365, Bet Victor, Stan James, and Ladbrokes which provided a real kick to the growth and recognition of the company.

Realistic Gaming is licensed from and based in Gibraltar which is considered as one of the most respected licensing territories of the world and which also makes the use of Random Number Generators that are certified by the concerned bodies.

After its establishment in the year 2002, the company soon realized that the use of third-party development platforms was clearly hindering the aims and ambitions of the company which therefore pushed the company to begin with its two-year process to design its very own in-house platform which eventually resulted in the introduction of ReGal – the Realistic Gaming Library. This software was then integrated into a number of online casinos which further effected the process of games development as well as distribution into the concerned channels.

Today, the game catalogue of the company is pretty much fascinating as it comprises of a number of high-quality titles which further contain three and five reel slots along with a variety of table games. All these games and slots are available at the Bet Victor casino. The video slots that are designed and created by the company make sure that they are equipped with amazing features, graphics, sound as well as animation in order to keep the player entertained all throughout the gameplay. Along with this, Realistic Gaming also makes sure to provide fair bonuses as well as promotions to entertain the players. The video slot, Randall’s Riches has become one of the most sought after games released by the company in the recent times.

To be precise, the company puts its major emphasis on designing great slots like Shore Thing slotSnakes and Ladders slot,  and all of them are equipped with the most amazing features. These slots so designed by the company are majorly intended for the smartphones and are totally based on the idea of simplicity and fairness.

Realistic Gaming has successfully maintained its good position throughout the markets today and all rounds of players including the newbies and veterans enjoy the slots and video games released by the company every now and then. From easygoing gaming patterns to some amazing bonuses and promotions – Realistic Gaming is something that you must never miss on enjoying it.